San Francisco, How I Love Thee – Let Me Count the Days


Eight days house sitting for friends who were off to Burning Man, I decided to do a lot of biking since I would be in a city central location. I procured a new bike that shipped to San Francisco AND helped a local charity for less than a hundred bucks.

I rode that bike everywhere. It was a Glorious 73° most of the Labor Day week; perfect for T-shirt and shorts or less the entire time. Post itinerary highlights following:


I hailed a cab directly from the airport to the store, arranged bike pick-up. Then, rode five blocks to the BART and bam! – I was in the city with a touring bike. No $50 a day bike rental me. I definitely see myself utilizing this travel technique in the future for many other vacations.

I biked up to my new headquarters in the Lafayette Parkneighborhood where I unpacked and made myself at home. Shortly thereafter, I had to get Swan Oyster Depot for lunch out of my system and then onto Folsom Street for some exploring and late night clubbing.


Up and out by 9am to bike tour from Lafayette Park to the water near Fort Mason and onto Crissy Field, over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge down into Sausalito, to relish my French lunch at le Garage Bistro. Did an iced mocha and watched waves before boarding the Blue & Gold Fleet Sausalito Ferry back to the Pier 41 at The Fisherman’s Wharf.

Picked-up my City Pass San Francisco Booklet that I previously purchased online amazingly for only $70 bucks! The 7-day cable car and Muni passport included is like a $30 value alone!

Aquarium of the Bay, at first I dismissed it. I have seen a lot of aquariums and only figured I’d do it since I was already there and it’s part of the City Pass deal. What a treat that turned out to be. There were tunnels of aquariums via a moving walkway. I felt like I was under the ocean, totally mesmerized by the swarming mass of sardines. The sharks were good, too, and I always love the jellies.

. . . After all that, I rode up Polk St. home. That entire ride was profoundly rewarding. I cannot recommend enough. The toughest part of the ride to Sausalito was getting up the two short but steep roads to the Entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge itself from Crissy Field Avenue and Lincoln Blvd then it’s all cake into the seaside village. By the way Crissy Field is thee best spot for a picture with bridge in background.

Next up, Homobiles to California Academy of Sciences; Rainforest/aquarium, Penguins, taxidermy, labs, planetarium, snakes and reptiles, Claude the albino gator – and, TheMoss Room, the fancy museum restaurant was perfect. I attended on Thursday’s Nightlife event. It is the 21 and over only event; basically the museum turns into a club, DJ’s and tended bars. I upgraded to the VIP tour with wine and appetizers an hour before general public. Loved all the butterflies in the rain forest, I could have watched them for hours. Really felt like you were discovering for yourself.

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