Little Room for Big Ideas or The World Famous Crochet Museum in Marvelous Miniature

Hello World Famous Crochet Museum,

WFCM_x1It has been awhile since we last met.
In fact it’s been embarrassingly long since our last communication and for that I am sorry.

I would like to say that your influence has stayed with me all along.
Last we spoke, I offered a donation because I so desperately wanted to be a part of what you created.
You politely responded, “Yes. However space is limited please try to make your donation something small.”

That’s when the idea was born.

Enclosed you will find a small donation;
World Famous Crochet Museum complete with rainbow rug and a garland of minis from myself and my fiber friends.

I do hope it is small enough.

Thank you, truly, for your inspiration.

Matthew Jaramillo

World Famous Crochet Museum #WorldWamousCrochetMuseum

About halapeno

"I believe the need to make and create is inherent. Self-made, if you will!"
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