Small Victories

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Photo Doodles

So, apparently I do have other talents I’m just becoming aware of. 

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Bitchen Kitchen: How To Make your Own Magic Shell


Chocolate shell for your favorite ice cream and that oh-so-satisfing-spoon-cracking-magic-goodness.

Two Ingredients

1- Choclate pieces of your choosing.
2- Coconut oil, a couple of tablespoons.


Two Minutes
30 seconds – pieces into microwavable dish.

60 seconds – nuke at 15 second intervals stiring between each interval until almost smooth. You can cut time short if its nearly smooth.

30 seconds – stir in a couple of spoonfuls of coconut oil.


This does not have to be exact. The ratio is to your liking.


Mix well.




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Catalina Island Pottery Made in the USA, But When?

CatalinaMug01 CatalinaMug02To Whom it May Concern,

(Attached) photo for your reference.

Sunday, June 8th, we took a day trip to Catalina Island for my Mom’s 72nd birthday.

It was a glorious day and a wonderful adventure; her first trip.

We took the Skyline bus tour with Stephen, who was a hoot and very informative.

He discussed Catalina pottery and it peaked my interest because two weeks ago; while purging and cleaning I found a mug we used as office supply storage marked with a “MADE IN THE USA CATALINA TM” with an outline of the island as well.

I did a few searches online and did not find this particular raised stamp marking anywhere else.

We seem to remember having owned the mug for seven or more years.

The question is, “Is it authentic Catalina pottery or something more commercial/common?”

Thank you in advance for any information or assistance that can bring us closer to finding out.


* I sent the above letter to the Catalina Island Museum. Stay tuned!

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Create a Gallery to Display Beautiful Note Cards in Simple DIY Art Collection.


Andy Warhol note cards – $18
8×10 inch picture frames – $16
Double sided photo tape – $1
Card stock on hand – $0

Voilà! An art series under forty bucks. I will be hanging these little guys very soon.

Some tips about choosing your own display style:
1. Multiples are more impressive and interesting.
2. Selecting less ornate frames lends to a more intentional art gallery feel.
3. The negative or white space surrounding the image(s) is just as important as the image itself. Do not ignore it.
4. Remain open and be willing to attempt different frame layouts.

Now go frame something. Beautify and enjoy your personal surroundings.

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Growing Scallions on Kitchen Counter


This has become a staple on my kitchen counter, regrowing green onions.  I buy a bunch and place them in water and cut and cut and cut. I have a single stock going on three months and maybe a dozen cuts.

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Mustache Balm

Fun-employment has granted me the time to experiment

with my facial hair.

How to make my own healthy mustache wax or balm.


Ingredients: beeswax,  petroleum jelly, olive oil and

optional essential oil like tea tree or peppermint.


1. Melt wax. One minute for two ounces of bees wax in

a heat prof dish. I like glass because it stay hot longer.


2. Stir in petroleum jelly. I prefer a 50/50 ratio to beeswax.

Add I bit of olive oil. Start light, if the ration is too stiff once

cooled, you can reheat and fold in more jelly and/or oil.

A few optional drops of desired essential oil can be nice.
I like tea tree oil, it smells clean and fights fungus and

bacteria. Eucalyptus is another favorite.


Cool and test. Reheat and adjust to your desired firmness.








My mustache is stiff and sparse but it worked. It held

most of the day. Viola! My best Dahli. …

Oh interview, time to shave. :/

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