En Route to the Airport



I seriously underestimated peak time traffic and then I boarded the wrong BART to Berkley instead of Oakland. Uhg! I stressed at every street light while on the shuttle. I unhappily cleared my specially selected security scan with eight minutes to make my plane. I’m running through the airport while being paged over the loud speaker. I was that jerk waving and yelling, “It’s me! It’s me! Somebody call someone!” I virtually tossed my ticket nonstop to the ticket attendant, I zoomed down the gangway where the stewardess, who was in the middle of announcements shrugged like, “Where have you been?” I stomp onto the plane where . . . wait for it . . . wait for it, where all the passengers proceeded to applauded and cheer for me. So Glamorous! Seriously, it could have only been funnier if it included a pratfall.

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"I believe the need to make and create is inherent. Self-made, if you will!"
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