Restoring a Beloved Family Vintage Lamp or I’ve Been Putting this Off Because I Thought it was Going to Be More Difficult.

Arch floor lamp with enamel coated cast iron base and black enameled brass with stars and stripe cut outs.


This floor lamp has been in the family for quite some time. My family said it was given to my grandfather from an employer of his. I’m guessing around the late 40’s early 50’s.

It has bounced around and been in our home for over 25 years. The pull cord socket broke over 15 years ago and just became one of those all to common, “I’ll get to it later” projects.

So I took it on This past week. I cleaned it, took it apart, rewired it, ordered and replace vintage pull cord socket, and found an incredible tin shade that looks like it was always meant to be.

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With the advice of the local lamp store, I replaced the wiring first.
Then the socket, this was a bit of an issue….so many sockets to look at.
I found someone on etsy who makes vintage styled sockets that suited my need.
It was expensive at $50 bucks, but, I really could not find it elsewhere.


This is one of the projects that I had built in my mind to be very complicated and time consuming.
In reality, it was 45 minutes of cleaning and rewiring and about the same in online shopping.

I spent a total of about $60 and 2.5 hours of my time to make it happen.

Thanks to my local folks at the Montclair (California) Light Bulbs Etc location with a shout out to the etsy shop NYMArts for making the vintage replica vertical pull cord socket.

Before Vid

After Vid

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