San Francisco, How I Love Thee – Let Me Count the Days


I packed seriously light because I knew I would have to get to and from airport on bike. I took some time in the morning to do some laundry. Then bussed and walked to Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. It is enormous; like the Romans built it .  It was fun to feel . . . so small. I spent sometime in the park walking around the pond enjoying the view and the birds. On the way there, I shopped a new pair of walking shoes with the great peeps at Fleet Feet. Bussed and walked to F-Line, back at The Fisherman’s Wharfto the Ferry Building Marketplace for Cowgirl Creamery samples and shopping (oh my cheeses!). I had a planned picnic the next day in the park with some dear friends and I dropped $60 in cheese alone! Then, off to Tasty Salty Pig Parts from Boccalone for salamis and prosciutto, Far West Fungi – the mushroom shop, for olive and duck liver pate, Miette for macaroons (Caramels are spectacular). I stayed and had dinner at Hog Island Oyster Co. – Casino, Rockefeller and Lobster Buttered. Then, I caught the California Cable Car and a good walk home. In the evening, off to Lone Star, drink, drank, drunk. Homobiles home.


Some dear friends came up for a picnic in the park. It was the coolest overcast day of that week and the smartest of us all suggested we stay inside and picnicked in the living room. We did. Much fun!

I relaxed at home, took a nap and watched an episode of Project Runway. I had a decent dinner with amazing bread pudding dessert at Grubsteak. Then, off to a local haunt with Jägermeister shots the size of a small Coca-Cola! The bartender was either into me or trying to kill me. I never did ask.


I cycled to Golden Gate Park via the Panhandle to de Young Fine Arts Museum with $15 dollar upgrade to the Picasso exhibit. I adore Picasso but, I have never seen so many things in a context. Fell in love all over again. Some works by Matisse as well. Awesome campaign, “We call them Masters. She (Steinem) called them friends.” Oh, the tower and observation deck, great panorama shot opportunity. I purchased a Picasso print, The Acrobat. Additionally, I like the pop art and glass in the permanent collection as well. Walked across The Music Concourse to California Academy of Sciences (Yes, again). I missed the Planetarium during the Nightlife event, so I made a point to go back. Lunch at TheMoss Room, champagne in a coupe, delish dessert – mocha gelato atop a Swiss meringue base, slathered in warm chocolate with a thick sweet cream ring and buried in butter toasted almond slivers. Had a good museum flirt and shopping at the gift store. Sent a, “Hi my name is Rex” T-shirt home to my son.

Lots of tough hills home – I so earned a night out. Back to Lone Star – what a great little place with a patio for cigar smoking. Meet some locals went to their party on the roof; my SF Moment. I walked home late in the fog.

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