Bitchen Kitchen: How To Make your Own Magic Shell


Chocolate shell for your favorite ice cream and that oh-so-satisfing-spoon-cracking-magic-goodness.

Two Ingredients

1- Choclate pieces of your choosing.
2- Coconut oil, a couple of tablespoons.


Two Minutes
30 seconds – pieces into microwavable dish.

60 seconds – nuke at 15 second intervals stiring between each interval until almost smooth. You can cut time short if its nearly smooth.

30 seconds – stir in a couple of spoonfuls of coconut oil.


This does not have to be exact. The ratio is to your liking.


Mix well.




About halapeno

"I believe the need to make and create is inherent. Self-made, if you will!"
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2 Responses to Bitchen Kitchen: How To Make your Own Magic Shell

  1. jolieflora says:

    This is fantastic! I’m going to try it for Aaron! I’ll have a bite. I don’t like sweets.

  2. Stephanie (Martin) McNeely says:

    Matthew –I have been trying to find you to say hello. I was telling my daughters about my super creative friend from college–and my oldest has an awesome blanket that you made her so we have been talking about you–well my memory is rusty it took me two days to remember your last name–all I ever called you was Matthew “Jalapeno” 🙂 anyway I figured it out–then I googled you and found this great website–love the magic shell idea. Please reach out when you have a chance I would love to hear from you. Hope you are well. Wonderful to see your smiling face!

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