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"I believe the need to make and create is inherent. Self-made, if you will!"

Create a Gallery to Display Beautiful Note Cards in Simple DIY Art Collection.

Andy Warhol note cards – $18 8×10 inch picture frames – $16 Double sided photo tape – $1 Card stock on hand – $0 Voilà! An art series under forty bucks. I will be hanging these little guys very soon. … Continue reading

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Growing Scallions on Kitchen Counter

This has become a staple on my kitchen counter, regrowing green onions.  I buy a bunch and place them in water and cut and cut and cut. I have a single stock going on three months and maybe a dozen … Continue reading

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Mustache Balm

Fun-employment has granted me the time to experiment with my facial hair. How to make my own healthy mustache wax or balm. Ingredients: beeswax,  petroleum jelly, olive oil and optional essential oil like tea tree or peppermint. 1. Melt wax. … Continue reading

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Kitchen Trick to Separate Egg Yolks from Egg Whites


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Round Trip from Los Angeles to Oakland for $29 Dollars

As I was deciding to fly or drive to San Francisco (SF) from Los Angeles (LA) an article for the new BoltBus LA to SF bus-line came to my attention. So, I decided to make this an adventure and try out the new … Continue reading

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Old Friend

Old Friend, You have been a faithful and glorious companion. We have seen many many things; San Diego, New Orleans, San Francisco, Mexico, Baltimore, New York, Miami, Washington DC, Japan, Santa Barbara, PCH, Hearst Castle, Fort Lauderdale, Monterrey, Hawaii, Cayucos, … Continue reading

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Strip Paint from Vintage Hardware with Supplies You Probably Already Have at Home

Paint strippers can be caustic and expensive especially when you are restoring eighteen double sash windows and all of their hardware. I tried this solution to salvage my vintage window hardware. It’s simple, easy and works like a charm. Supplies: … Continue reading

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