How to Get a Bike to Your Vacation Spot AND Help a Local Charity for Less Than a Round Trip Taxi Ride from the Airport.

How to Get a Bike to Your Location

Order a bike from Walmart nearest your vacation destination. In California, and maybe Walmart store policy, you have 21 days to pick-up. So order early. The credit card charge did not appear to post until I signed for pick-up. Be sure to call and verify free assembly before ordering.

Once you receive delivery notice, call (repeatedly) to initiate assembly. Allow for assembly lead time – 3 to 4 days. Again, each store is different. If you can arrange pick-up while the assembler is in store, you can go for test ride in parking lot and have adjustments made before you leave. If assembler is not in-store, know where the closest bike shops are and adjustment charge. You could even pack a simple tool kit if you are comfortable making adjustments yourself.

(!) The Shipping Warning: I have read and experienced this; this bike specifically ships in two (2) separate containers to the store and occasionally the rim may arrive bent. The store is willing to ship out and replace needed item but, if you are attempting this for a trip it won’t work for you. However, there is no reason you cannot buy directly out of existing stock.

My personal opinion is that I think online had a better selection andI like the idea of having what I want waiting for me.

Also, I prefer a sit-up semi-comfort hybrid bike. I would not recommend a mountain bike or a beach cruiser for city touring unless you are extremely comfortable with those models. They can be less agile, heavy and more work than the hybrids.

If you’re happy with the bike, you’re good to go. Have a great trip!

 Additional Suggestions

  • Pack light enough to make one or two short bike rides fully packed.
  • Pack lighter, especially if you have laundry access during your trip.
  • I pack one additional small personal carry-on with, Helmet, bike lock (extra keys), bike lights and simple tire repair kit (or, you could purchase when picking up bike).
  • I also purchased a bike basket and bungee cords. Handy if you plan on doing any shopping etc.
  • Know the rules of your destination. For instance, in San Francisco, it is illegal and unsafe to ride a bike after dark without white light in front and a red light in back. Calling and chatting with a bike shop in the area you are visiting is a great resource.

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2 Responses to How to Get a Bike to Your Vacation Spot AND Help a Local Charity for Less Than a Round Trip Taxi Ride from the Airport.

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  2. Jax says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. Can’t wait to take it on for my next trip to a new city. It’s the ultimate win-win-win situation: exercise, green and charity.

    Well done!!!!

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