. . . or How to Save a Cake Disaster

So I was making carrot cake and decided to do it jellyroll style. Unfortunately, the batter was too delicate. It cracked and nearly fell apart. I was devastated with the results.  And this is how I went from disaster to showstopper in three easy steps.

1. Crumble the cake with the frosting, add 8oz of room temperature cream cheese. Yes, I know it feels so wrong but it should be mush like Thanksgiving stuffing.

2. Roll into meatball sized cake balls – chill for 20 minute.

3. Dip in melted chocolate, place on cooling rack or wax paper

Viola! Cakeballs are the new cupcake.

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"I believe the need to make and create is inherent. Self-made, if you will!"
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2 Responses to Cakeballs

  1. halapeno says:

    Additional thoughts on the matter . . .

    – Carnival style deep fried cakeballs, oh yes please someone do it.
    – Cake (sponge) and ice cream dipped in meringue then torched, Baked Alaska!

  2. sharon isaac says:

    Find me

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